Appliances and equipment (containers, tanks, pipelines, exchangers, pasteurisers, evaporators, etc.)
Acid products
Disinfecting products
Floors, walls, external parts of equipment, warehouses
Personal hygiene and sanitary facilities
Means of transport
Milk production – facilities (milking lines, milk containers, coolers)
Milk production – containers, milk churns
Milk production – livestock housings


Livestock pens (washing and disinfection)
Slaughter areas
Meat cutting areas, meat packing areas
Machinery and equipment (hand-wash)
Scalding equipment, forms, boilers, steam coils
Boxes, containers
Floors, coolers
Smokehouses, smoking carts
Personal hygiene and sanitary facilities
Removal of deposits on external parts of appliances and pipelines, brightenining
Means of transport
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