The main tasks of the Technological and Research Laboratory comprise:

  • developing and implementing technologies of new products offered by Przedsiębiorstwo Badawczo-Wdrożeniowe ACRYLMED dr Ludwika Własińska Sp. z o.o.;
  • controlling the quality of the products to maintain invariably high standard of the offered products;
  • conducting tests commissioned by the Customer.

The Technological and Research Laboratory performs the following analyses:

  • solubility of residues deposited on the surfaces of devices (heat exchangers);
  • water conductivity (conductometric test);
  • water hardness (titration method);
  • pH;
  • determination of dry residue (gravimetric method);
  • determination of chlorides (Mohr method);
  • determination of free chlorine (titration method);
  • determination of iron ions (III) (spectrophotometric method);
  • determination of calcium ions (titration method);
  • determination of magnesium ions (titration method);
  • determination of sulphate ions (gravimetric method);
  • determination of silica quantity (spectrophotometric method);
  • corrosiveness tests – testing corrosive aggressiveness of solutions towards the surface they have contact with (EIS method – Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy). The test has particular significance in: selecting appropriate material for manufacturing devices or their components coming into contact with specific media; selecting safe cleaning agent and cleaning technology; analysing the causes of corrosion.

We also provide the following services for the sugar industry:

  • complete physico-chemical tests of sugar and other substances,
  • determining the content of anti-incrustation agent in sugar (spectrophotometric method),
  • determining the effectiveness of the anti-incrustation agent.

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